At the core of the Dhamana Africa team currently are 6 directors who are professionals in different areas of specialization with a combined experience of over 200 years. This team is backed by associates with diverse experience. The Dhamana team is very well versed with the Financial Services Industry comprising of banking, insurance, SACCO’s and Telecommunication Sectors. Each of the consultants have had practical experience at policy, strategy and operational levels in a cross section of institutions in the region. The team members are respected professionals in their areas of specialization and some even have international recognition in their respective fields.

Our Experience & Exposure to Facilitate & Deliver Required Training

As you will see from our consultants’ respective profiles and experiences outlined in the next section, we have the necessary and relevant highly qualified Team to facilitate the required Training for your Project Team:

Merchant Enrolment & Marketing Risk Management
Management of merchant and agent relationships Risks relating to mobile wallet and agency banking
Management and resolution of complaints System of internal control
Strategies for evaluation of merchants and agents Development and monitoring of processes
Management of schemes Reconciliation
Compliance monitoring
  • The Late Dr. Wahome Gakuru (Special Tribute)
  • John Kabuba Njoroge
    Director - Strategy, Financial & Transactional Advisory Services
  • Samuel G. Kamiti
    Director - Digital Finance Payment Services, ICT & Strategic Partnerships Advisory Services
  • Papius Muhindi
    Director - Quality Assurance, Risk & Compliance Services
  • Allan Mwangi
    Director - Audit, Credit Risk & Compliance Services
  • Peter Gachau
    Director ICT Infrastructure Development & Implementation Services
  • Peter Lengewa
    Associate Consultant on Human Capital and Strategy Development Services
  • Benjamin Ikenye
    Associate Consultant, Business Development, Operations and Credit Services
  • Kenneth Muchiri
    Associate Consultant - Credit Services
  • Martha Waweru
    Associate Consultant -Legal Affairs, Business Operations, SACCO's, Risk & Compliance
  • David Kamau
    Associate Consultant - Digital Financial Payments Services
  • Elizabeth Gichure
    Associate Consultant - Customer Service, Agency Banking, Cards Issuance, Marketing & Relationship Management, Merchants Recruitments, Training & Support