Welcome to Dhamana Africa Limited

Dhamana Africa was founded in year 2010 as a management advisory and consulting firm, operating from Nairobi Kenya by a team of 7 seasoned professionals.  We serve the private, public, as well as the non-profit sectors in the wider Eastern African Region. At Dhamana, we believe that many institutions fail at the implementation stage. For us, therefore, strategies and programmes must not only be well crafted but the capacity and the discipline to execute the same must be made available.  With this in mind, we support our clients to significantly improve their productivity and competitiveness by enhancing their managerial, operational and implementation capacities and competencies.

At Dhamana Africa we recognize the critical role that our clients’ institutions play in driving economic growth especially in Africa.  We, therefore, seek to support these industries through provision of integrated management support, advisory services as well as technologies and platforms for our clients across the continent.

What We Do

Our model is anchored on the premise that institutions are made up of subsystems that are inseparably intertwined, thus influencing our approach to consulting services.  We have built competences around several key areas, namely, finance, information and communication technology, human resources, marketing, strategy, business modelling and how all these are influenced by prevailing socio-economic policies.